So, you have a new Idea that is going to change your life, possibly the world, and you want to get started and form a company?  Or have you already been trading as a sole trader or another incorporated company and have been advised, or think, you should become incorporated or change your business structure?  Let us help.  Contact us today for the Unique advice you need for your new or established business.

There are many ways in which a company can become Limited Liability, through company formations and Limited Liability Partnerships for example.  Alternatively, if you are already trading you may be looking to become AIM listed or go public.  We can assist your business in making that decision and getting it right.

Starting a new business

Often, it’s very exciting when you have the bright idea and think “I can do this myself and better than most others”, then the minefield of starting your own business becomes a daunting thought.  With our team behind you guiding you on the best way forward you can focus on what you know you can do, build and grow your new business.  It’s tempting to use a quick formations company and get an “off the shelf” company and go.  We can assist you with this for a fixed fee, but we go further than just setting your company up at Companies House!

Cleversons experts will work with closely with you to understand your business needs and provide the unique service your business requires to succeed. We will work closely with you and your accountant to ensure that the company structure you ultimately land on will be suitable for the long term success of your business.

We can assist in the following ways:

  • Formation of Bespoke or “Off the Shelf” Limited Companies
  • Formation of Groups of Companies and Holding Entities
  • Partnerships and LLP Incorporations
  • Shareholders and Directors Agreements
  • Company and Corporate Restructuring
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • AIM Listing advices

With our fixed fee company formation package, we will incorporate your new company and use the standard memorandum of association and share certificate.  You can then work with your directors and shareholders to make your own agreements as to how the business ought to be run.

Alternatively, with our bespoke company formation package, we will discuss with you the company structure and provide you with advices as to how best to set your business up for success.  This will include providing advices on the types of shareholders agreements you will require and what the duties of each director and company secretary will be.  You can then decide whether you wish for us to draft for you under a separate retainer you company agreements such as shareholders agreements and directors agreements governing the way they operate the business and their duties accordingly.

All businesses are unique, because they are all run by unique entrepreneurs who are looking to succeed not only in their own right but with others around them.  Running a business is far more than identifying a market and slotting in, it takes determination, strength and perseverance.  With our assistance we can help make the journey as stress free and insightful as possible.  We look to the future and help you plan, so you can concentrate on today!

Our team can work with your business throughout the formation process and beyond advising on the responsibilities of each individual involved, whether you are a sole director or there is a group of you all of the same of similar mindset.

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