At Cleversons we have a dedicated team handling contentious probate and trusts, our team have represented clients around London and across the UK in dealing with claims against estates and defending them in contentious probate proceedings. If you are an executor of an estate that is being met with a claim on a will or someone who has been left out of a will we can assist in the handling the matter and achieving the best result for your circumstances.

We work hard for our clients to ensure the strict timetables which apply to many types of claims are met and appropriate advice and assistance is provided efficiently. Most claims in this area are restricted by very strict time restraints after the death of the deceased person therefore it is very important to contact us immediately to discuss any potential claims. Our dedicated team are waiting to hear from you, call them on 0203 9252 301 or complete an online enquiry form.

Inheritance disputes

Only people in certain categories are permitted to claim under the inheritance act, once it has been established that you fall into one of the following categories the court takes a number of factors into consideration. The claimant must be either a spouse, partner, cohabitee, children or any other dependant, it’s down to the court to decide if a claimant has a case. The complex and often emotionally charged nature of these disputes means having a solicitor on your side will improve your chances tenfold.

We regularly act for clients who want to defend or bring Inheritance Act claims, we also assist in situations where the parties agree that the provisions of a will need to be altered but need help in working out the details. This is common where children are involved or to resolve any potential tax consequences.

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Defending an inheritance claim

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are now facing an Inheritance Act claim it can be a very daunting time, your job as an executor is to ensure the will is honoured to the deceased best wishes. As a beneficiary your priority will often be to ensure you protect your interest in the estate and receive what you feel you deserve. We understand that all of this is likely to come at a very difficult time for all of those involved and we do our upmost to ensure a smooth and efficient service which provides you with the best result no matter your circumstances.

There are many reasons why probate may become contentious and people contest the contents or validity of a will. This could be due to improper execution, a mistake within the will which does not represent the known wishes of the deceased, deathbed promises and a wide range of other reasons. No matter the circumstances behind the claim, our expert solicitors are here to help you.

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    What are the time limits?

    There is a very strict time limit on all claims made under the inheritance act, it allows six months following the grant of representation or probate within which to bring a claim against the estate. In very limited circumstances it may be possible to extend the time limit and our team is on hand to help you if this is the case. It’s vital to seek legal assistance as soon as possible as any delay may be the difference between winning and losing a claim.

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